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Every story has two sides, and the stars and the moon offer a perfect example of this. The stars represent vitality, vibrancy, and radiance, while the moon signifies calmness, serenity, and fresh starts. Sometimes we need the energy and spirit of the stars to light up our lives, and at other times, we crave the peacefulness that the moon provides.


Annette, the founder & owner of Moon and Stars, embodies both the stars and the moon. Having lived in various parts of the UK, she had always been drawn to Cornwall with a vision of creating a studio that combines healing, comfort, and acceptance, where community forms the heart of everything.


Moon and Stars is a safe haven where individuals can come together, relax, ground themselves, learn, laugh, and heal. Our studio offers deep personal cleansing sessions and calming meditation walks that bring about a sense of tranquillity.


It's a place where you can find solitude, make new friends, and discover your tribe. Whether you seek healing, knowledge, success, or inner peace, Moon and Stars is the perfect destination for you.


We believe that just as you can't have the moon without the stars, you can't have energy without rest. At Moon and Stars, we offer both the energy and the rest you need to live your best life.

crashing waves on a sandy beach
cliff edge with the sea
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